December 22 taurus birthday horoscope

They need someone tender and loving, someone who makes them feel like home, but in ways that are separate from negative connotations of "home" made through their upbringing. As their heart cleanses, and their shadowed and hidden emotions flow out, they find clarity of connecting where each bond is special and as authentic as two people involved in it.

Sagittarius representatives born on the 22nd of December are wonderful interior decorators, do great with woodcraft and colorful expressions, furniture, as well as any kind of design and modern decorations. They know how to make beautiful things practical, and build their mind to quickly resolve emotional content of themselves, and others. As they grow older, they may become excellent therapists and healers of sorts, as well as wonderful parents to make deep and intense changes to the troubles that burdened their family tree for generations.

An excellent healing stone for someone born on December 22nd is pink chalcedony, perfect to promote self-love and help them remember feelings of generosity towards self and others. It is a stone of spirit communication that stabilizes large groups of people and aids individuals in finding the right crowd to belong to. With its energy pulling them in the right direction, they will surround themselves with souls who support them to freely express and fit into a much larger network we all belong to. This crystal promotes goodwill and brotherhood, and will absorb negative energy and dissipate it so that outer influences are minimized, yet metabolized properly.

Every special occasion for those born on December 22nd should be marked with a sign of affection. This is a matter of tradition and solid, lasting contacts, and they will think of you just as much as you think of them, in return. They always enjoy photo albums and posters with shared moments and know how to find meaning and love in the smallest of presents when they come from the heart.

Loving, warm and ready to change deeply rooted ancestral patterns, they differ greatly from other people and breathe in change into each atmosphere they show up in. This pushes them into mere survival, rebellious actions without an actual cause, and situations that are risky and unhealthy but not really necessary.

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Sagittarius symbol - images and interpretations of the Sagittarius symbol and ruler. People with brown as sign color are intelligent, orderly and stable. However they adapt with difficulty so they need to know exactly what to expect and this is why they tend to control everything around and push things their way no matter what. Brown may not be something catchy or sparkly but it is reliable and peaceful, just like these natives.


This is a precious stone that symbolizes dependability and realism. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. This is said to bring constancy and balance in the life of the wearer. It is also thought to wave of nightmares and fears. Africa, Sri Lanka and India are places where Garnets can be found. This gemstone comes in red, black and green shades. Another gemstone considered influential for Capricorn natives is Sapphire. It suggests dependability and honesty. Carnation suggests romance and passion.

This zodiac flower should be used in decorations and other accessories. Carnation relates to the power and persistence emanated by an ambitious personality. This plant can be found during summer time. Silver symbolizes sparkles and mystery. This zodiac metal should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. Silver is said to attract soothing energies for these natives.

Silver is also malleable and precious and can only bring good spirit to anyone wearing it. December 22 is the th day of the year or the th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar. In numerology the number for December 22 birthday is 4 and represents foundation, order, steady growth.

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  6. Number 4 persons are practical, very organized, trustworthy, stable and reliable, with fine management skills. Number 4 people have a strong sense of order and stability. The letters associated with numerology 4 are d, m, v and the vibration is creation. Uranus and the card of the emperor rule this number. December birthday people are dependable, attractive and witty. Career prospects for these natives include broker, pilot, builder and banker. December symbols that resonate with these people are Turquoise and Zircon as gemstones and Narcissus as a plant.

    Being born in the month of December it seems that number 3 will be of great importance in the life of those born at such time. This number symbolizes social gatherings and eloquence.

    Birthday Horoscope December 22nd

    It pertains to adventurous and cheerful individuals. December 22 Birthdays. December 22 Personality Traits Positive traits: Natives born on December 22 birthdays are determined, relentless and helpful. Likes: Spending time engaging in a time and mind challenging task.

    Birthday Horoscope December 22nd Sagittarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate December

    Hates: Extreme behavior and mediocrity. Lesson to learn: To stop feeling stuck whenever they are not in charge. Life challenge: Being able to fully relax. December 22 Birthday Compatibility and Love. Lucky color. The color considered to be representative for Capricorn natives with December 22 is brown. Other hues for Capricorn natives are dark green and earth tones. Garnet is the birthstone defined for December 22 and in general for Capricorn natives. The flower considered to be representative for Capricorn natives with December 22 is Carnation.

    Other flowers representative for Capricorn are Carnations and Dandelions. The lucky metal for those born under the December 22 is represented by Silver.