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So many fun takeaways! Just this week, I had all my clients mention they either found love, or got engaged on their Venus line. I've had a client win free tickets to travel somewhere near their Jupiter line something that happens a lot after our call. Another client recently moved to one of her best cities after our call and is thriving in a much bigger, and cheaper apartment. I'd say the most fun takeaway has been meeting so many different people, and sharing a moment with them. There are two energy lines I love talking about Chiron and Moon Node.

Both these places show us the struggles we must encounter as we follow our path. So usually these places are not easy but we grow so much in the process. Helping people realize when they are in this space and how to navigate it with this practice has been so rewarding and probably the best discovery! Why or why not? For the the past few years, yes! I live directly on top of my Pluto line. When I first began studying this practice, I was worried! Astrologers discuss Pluto as being one of the most difficult places to live near because it asks us to examine ourselves on a level that is unchartered and sometimes exhausting.

However, as I dug deeper into the meaning of Los Angeles for me it all made sense. Pluto rules subjects like death, transformation and seeking, which all have been themes in Los Angeles for me. I moved 6 years ago at a moment of intense grieving, looking for answers and seeking a fresh start.

Los Angeles was never on my radar, however the opportunity to move here came at a time that was perfect for me to delve into some of these shadowy and self reflective topics. The city provided me with a community that was more open to self help, healing and alternative practices. Now, living on Pluto greatly influences what I do! Not everyone has the flexibility to book they're next flight or move to a new city after revealing or maybe confirming their not in their most ideal space.

Many times we interact with these planetary lines through the people we meet and our relationships. I think this is what makes this practice so relevant now in our digital world.


Relocation Report

We have global access in a way that was never afforded before, just through connecting online. What is helpful to note about this practice, is it can be woven into your life in small but impactful ways. For example, if you have your Venus line in Italy, not only are you drawn to visit but you probably also appreciate the art, culture, language and customs in a way that is stronger than most people.

Interacting with these regions, communities and cultures lights up that region of your chart. The same can be said about your Uranus line. Start volunteering, pioneering for a cause and removing the clutter now and watch how things shift for you. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience about living on your pluto line. I have lived on my pluto line my whole life and have found it so easy to move through transformations here. It feels like it is a place that will always ask me to rise to the next level.

I love that you spoke about the positives — there are so many scary horry stories out there about living on the pluto line, but its a relief to see that you can thrive and consciously live out your dharma here too! Through her company Astrocarto, Alexandra Clark works with clients to analyze their astrological chart and identify their best cities for love, career and community.

Here, Alexandra plots the points of this niche form of astrology. Read on, then stake your claim and move on up. What is Astrocartography and where does it originate from? How did you find this practice? Who should have an Astrocarto reading? What are people generally looking for when they ask for a reading? What does this mean? What has been your biggest learning in developing Astrocarto? More To Love. Previous Article Next Article. Read more. The Cult. Jupiter close to ascendant just inside the 12th has broadened my spiritual knowledge, I have had wonderful deep insights through meditation and study groups behind the scenes.

Writing this has helped me to bring these realizations into consciousness. Hi Sue, thank you very much for sharing your relocation experience! These are great illustrations of a relocation chart reflecting your experience in the new location. Hi, what about the changed house placement of the planets in the relocated chart?

As I responded above, I always look at the natal chart — however, there are multiple views on this subject. Saturn opposes also the sun. I am confused now should I look at the transits to the relocated chart, or to the natal chart? Thank you very much J. Hi Jasmin, thanks for sharing about relocating to your Saturn-Uranus line. What is it like to live there in your experience? Regarding your question, I always look at the natal chart to consider the transits I feel that you take yourself with you wherever you move to.

Hi Mr. Niizato, So perfect that I saw this article. I am considering a big move. Would you give me some insight please. I put in the new location and am having a little trouble with how I should think about a few aspects. Namely Pisces at 29 degrees MC. Also ACconj.

Jupiter and MC bq pluto,saturn, and sun, Thank you for any insight. Hi Catherine, for a full relocation analysis, please consider scheduling a private session to discuss it in more depth. Thank you for the interesting article. Mercury conjunct Venus on the relocation chart conjuncts ASC. Do you think these placements are promising for a career as well as studies? Hi Gabi, Mars-Pluto opposition aligning with the relocated MC axis does suggest activation of your career. Pluto-IC might also suggest deepening psychological or spiritual investigation.

We will get you started on the Journey of Exploring the Best Places for you.

Thank you for your reply : May I ask about my Mercury-Asc tight conjunction? I am in the creative arts, so I imagine it has something to do with that. Do they have different impact? Thank you :. Hi Gabi, in both cases the mental activity will be stimulated. Planets on relocated MC axis may be expressed through work, whereas planets on relocated ASC axis might be expressed in relationships. Hello, Hiroki!

I am thinking about going to study abroad and maybe settle myself in South Korea. I did the relocation chart and my asc is cancer moon in the 6th house — MC in aries mars in the 2nd ; Sun and Mercury in the 10th house; Venus and Saturn in the 9th house; Jupiter and pluto in the 5th house ; North Node in the 4th house.

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The only placements that are worrisome to me are Uranus and Neptune in my 7th house. What do you think? Thanks for your work! Hi Sana, rather than the house positions within the relocated chart, I would pay more attention to the aspects to the relocated Angles — that reflects what energy in your birth chart will be activated in South Korea.

Your natal chart will go with you wherever you go. I was relocated by my family 40 years ago although I always longed to come back to my birthplace. Sun, 5 sag, from 12 house to 1st. I wonder what to do. Hi Mar, you may want to look at the aspects to the Angles Ascendant and Midheaven in your relocated chart, to see what is being activated. For a serious discussion involving important life choices, please consider scheduling a private consultation , thank you,. I have moon in Gemini 1st house natal- in relocation, it moved to 9th conjunct MC.

Relocation Pluto in 1st not conjoined, Uranus in 2nd conjunct 3rd. Jupiter in 10th not conjoined. Venus in 4th squares AC. Neptune in 3rd empty Pisces DC. Hi there, this sounds like less to do with relocation and more to do with relationship synastry with those people or timing measurements when you made those enemies. Hard not to believe in astrology and in relocated charts after this!


Hi Terry, thank you for sharing your experience. Much appreciated..

Some astrological sites say that people with stelliums in a cadent house need to move to change their life. Do you agree? It seems like quite a leap. Your thoughts? Good question…My view is that natal chart goes with you wherever you go. You may want to experiment with traveling to a location that shifts the focus of the stellium to a 3rd house for activating communication and learning , 5th house for fun and creativity , 7th house for activating social connections or 9th house for broadening your mind , etc.

I just recently discovered relocation astrology. But what could it mean if my north node will have a conjuction with my IC? Thank you! Hi Estere, Nodal axis suggests groups and meetings, so relocation to a place that emphasizes the Nodes can suggest increased group activity and even public expression.

Hi Hiroki, I am an astrologer and have only just begun looking at relocation. Thank you for this informative article! Here is something not discussed so far — what about natal Asc. This is what occurs when I relocate my chart to Liverpool, where I have often considered visiting as I am also a semi-professional musician who has always been enamored with the Beatles- go figure! Hi John, I would consider that significant for sure. Let us know how it felt, if you do go visit. I was told I am located by my moon node and am courious as to what that means?

Hi Autumn, Nodal axis emphasis highlights connection with groups or the public. Hi and thank you for this article! I am an actor looking into relocating from Europe to the US. Mars and Venus being in the same house. LA seems intimidating, although I would love the sunlight. So in the NY chart, this T-Square moves to the houses 1, 7 and Hi Conni, from your description NY sounds promising. For a more detailed discussion, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

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Hi Meghan, thank you for sharing your experience. Natal aspects like Moon opposing Pluto-Saturn will still be active regardless of where you go, so you take these issues with you wherever you go. I toggled with a few locations and coincidentally Seattle, WA seem to be it. My relocated Venus-exalted Jupiter conjunction now is conjunct relocated Descendent, with a trine to my Uranus in Scorpio conjunct relocated MC.

Unfortunately, Venus-exalted Jupiter conjunction both square Pluto — an uphill battle perhaps while in search for that? Angular Venus-Jupiter conjunction sounds pretty positive to me. Just need to make sure the relationships will be supportive to your authentic self and life purpose Pluto stuff. I felt like I was sinking there. There was always something calling me back to Colorado from a vacation 30 years earlier. I have finally relocated here. First of all — I have Jupiter opposite Saturn. Most of my planets are near cusps. But looking at the Astro Map, my Jupiter ascending line is about miles from my Saturn descending line — they both migrate diagonally in the Plains, with the Saturn descending cutting through Omaha, NE and then Minneapolis.

I was told at a workshop David Cochrane that I really did not want to be anywhere near my Saturn descending line. Saturn also moved from 6th to 7th, Venus and Neptune moved from 1st to 2nd. I am an astrologer studied for 20 years and want to know your thoughts. I can give you my data if you want. For a full discussion of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation. I just recently discovered astrocartography. Hi Hiroki. Can you look into relocated vertex? I moved to a place where relocated vertex moved up three degrees natally to conjunct my natal Chiron.

I have a perfect Uranus conjunct Chiron natal aspect. I also have Mercury square Uranus natal aspect. For the good part of an this year I have been experiencing the Uranus opposition transit. For the first time in my life, I got into finding and developing cure for some diaeases…wihout really thinking too hard about it. Roughly, relocated vertex, Chiron and transiting Uranus are now in the same spot — and I find myself healing people.

Your relocated chart may have other emphasis that would make sense to me. Either way, it sounds like a significant development for you! In the relocation chart in Tokyo Japan my jupiter and moon are both conjunct to MC and my uranus and neptune are both conjuct in ASC… and my planets are all in first house and tenth house.. You may want to consider it! I love your way of writing! And, this again is a great, short but to the point post! I would like to have more luck in relationships, home life and social life because life is too short spending only at work.

I was thinking to go to Portugal because i love Spain and Portugal but then i will have Uranus on DC in exact opposition to ASC and Mars from 12th house move into 1st house, Neptune move from 7th house to 8th house. Do you give astro consults for relocation? You may be able to develop greater independence and self-expression. At the same time, this could be an unsettling location with rapid changes in your social life. I do provide relocation consultation, generally as an added service. Please look at the consultation page for more details, thanks.

Excellent post, Hiroki. It worked for me in a big way. Thank you Kat! It makes sense that Jupiter-MC line presents more opportunities for success. If you feel to, please share how it worked for you in a big way.