Leo december 3 astrology

Remember, Jupiter is traveling through your sister sign Sagittarius, so you best believe you will get a glimpse of its blessings. You deserve it, anyway.


December 3 Zodiac

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Sagittarius, happy birthday to you! How's your solar revolution going? This is the beginning of a new era for you, and fact is, you're already celebrating. As of right now, Mercury is retrograde in your sign, but no for long, as it enters Scorpio on Dec. On another note, however, your lucky ruling planet Jupiter is busy AF, sprinkling its abundant charms and blessings, as it is currently traveling through your sign for the next 13 months. Bon voyage! Oh, Capricorn.

You're finally starting to feel like yourself again. With your solar return around the corner, I suggest you rest up, and mentally prepare for all the blessings coming your way. Besides, with lucky Jupiter traveling through your spiritual twelfth house of dreams, closure, and subconscious mind, you're due for a massive reboot. Compliments of the cosmos, of course.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

December 3rd is a day for giving, grand gestures, education, higher knowledge, and our visions brought to life through purity of emotions to attract opportunities and options ahead of the road. Knowledge collected on this date must resonate with one's heart, and those born at this time tend to be curios, open-minded, wide in their perspectives and able to achieve great things in life when their feelings stand as the guiding light for their adventures. The planetary row of those born on December 3rd supports incredibly bold and large moves forwards, and they might skip important emotions and feedback in life pulled in by the strong gravity of their desires and motivations.

They are dreamers and idealists in search for their true direction, understanding and carrying an important philosophy that colors all their moral choices. Dignified and intelligent, they tend to form incredible relationships, especially with rich, educated people and foreigners, and love to socialize outside of standard social circles that might limit their way of expression. The significance of our physical presence on Earth is deeply accented here, in symbols that show the importance of physiology in any philosophical approach those born on this date might have.

In order for their spirit to rise and their life to be filled with more light, they are to turn their attention to natural cycles, the Nature itself, and this includes caring for their physical needs.

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A healthy lifestyle and a routine that nurtures and satisfies their body is the prerequisite for strength of convictions that lead them towards fortune and success. Strong grounding is only achieved through a close and intimate connection with our physiology.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

With the emphasis on the physical world and matters of grand creation, matters of Venus set as the purpose in their lifetime pose as the inspiration and satisfaction they are meant to pursue. They need their heart set in place, the love to guide them through the professional world, partnerships and everyday habits, so they can find balance between joy and responsibility and truly progress in ways that make them happy, valued and loved.

In their search for love in each aspect and area of life, individuals born on December 3rd will probably approach their romances through a mental system of trial and error, until they truly fall in love for the first time. Their idealistic nature could distance them from the true essence of their bonds and while their perspective can make anything work, they should never settle for less love than they know in their heart that they deserve. With a strong desire to explore their options, they might get preoccupied with intellectual spheres of contact and communication, forgetting how important sexual side to their bond really is.

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  • They need a partner who will make them smile, someone well-grounded with a similar energy that allows them both to see the sensitivity of contact behind each other's fire. Let others see and hear you in all your beauty, intelligence, and imperfections. Share the story of your heart.

    Leo Daily Horoscope December Astrology on the Web

    The new moon on Friday wants you to release insecurities and crises of confidence. Apply your skills of verbal conversation, active listening, and curiosity to receive abundance from unexpected sources.

    The financial crisis is behind you, Libra. The new moon on Friday wants you to apply straight talk as a value and to stop worrying about pleasing everybody. Venus and Mercury are touring through your sign, Scorpio, making you the most articulate and magnetic of them all. Use this charisma and intelligence in service to your personal goals and helping others. The new moon on Friday asks you to set intentions for income and security—define what you need for success. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

    Is closure on your wish list? Let go of the outdated things in your life that are blocking you from joy and relationship health. Be intentional and specific about all your dreams, and happy manifesting.