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Being a Sun Sign Pattern, very few of the disputes between the Libra man and Aries woman will happen on the way to or from the bedroom. Especially if she buys him a king-size water mattress. To a Libra male, drifting off to romance or dreamland within the soft folds of one of those undulating, billowy contraptions is very close to his idea of heaven. The reconciliation based on the undeniable sexual attraction between them may not, however, last eternally without that Sun-Moon harmony assistance. Making this man come to life. The Libra approach to sex is mental, light, and airy.

Like two warm arms and a burning passion you can touch, as well as dream about. Ethereal love and aesthetic sexual response can leave Aries somewhat chilly. Female Rams need plenty of warm affection and fiery lovemaking to feel completely fulfilled in a physical relationship. With this man she may be left feeling a little empty. Something is missing. If the Moon of either was in any other astrological sign at birth, it may be elusive.

But the search for it will be delightful. An Aries woman will not sit happily in a pumpkin shell while he glides gracefully around the town, charming all the girls — or while he hides in the library, polishing his Libra mind. When all the parties are over. Create a post. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Aries Woman and Libra Man Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology.

Like it? Share with your friends! Share Your Thoughts Here. Connect with:. The line forms to the right. Even without astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of a Pisces female. The Neptune female seldom tries to overshadow her man, married or single. All she wants is that he should protect her and care for her. Just think of all those wolves out there, waiting to devour Red Riding Hoods.

A Pisces woman thinks her mate, lover, boy friend, brother, father-in fact, any man-can lick the whole world with one hand tied behind his back, and it takes a surprisingly small amount of her touching faith to convince them of the same thing, men being the way they are.

The Pisces girl is a cozy, calm haven of tranquility for her proud male, far from the noise of the frame and the ticker tape machines. The lights in her fish pond are soft and dim. Though if it would really save her life, she would sharpen her pencil. In the winter she wears fluffy angora mittens. In the Spring she wears dainty, full skirts. Summers will find her in a brief bikini. She is eternally feminine in all seasons. At the risk of making an understatement, men are drawn to her like bumblebees to a honey pot. A short conversation with her, and a man instantly relaxes. He pictures a glowing, crackling fire on a chilly night, or he sees himself in a hammock on a balmy spring day, with no one to nag him.

Shell never press him to get ahead faster. His own pace is perfect with her. Need I explain why the female fish makes the most dangerous other woman of all the Sun signs? Maritime warning: After marriage she may nudge a little. To be truthful, she may nudge a lot. In a way, it serves you right for letting yourself be so blinded by her charms.

Love Star Signs – Sexuality, Personality and Relationships

Not me. Besides, her delectable femininity covers any minor deficiencies, and most of the time the typical Neptune girl is soft, dreamy and womanly. Since the fish swims in both directions at once, she adapts beautifully and quietly to conflicting situations that would turn other women into nervous Nellies. Of course, now and then, some cranky words and irritable chatter may bubble up from her normally placid stream of thought.

Occasionally a sensitive Neptune female who has suffered harsh treatment at an early age will allow bitterness to break the two symbolic fish of her sign apart-and this can be very sad. She becomes a lonely, miserable Piscean, always swimming furiously, and meeting herself everywhere she dives down to escape-never realizing that the turning inward of her endless love and sympathy toward herself is the real poison.

Drugs and drink and false illusions hide the truth from her and blind her to the rocks in the river that might destroy her. Pisces is said to be a deep, mysterious sea, into which all rivers flow. What makes her swim? As a matter of fact, the same Pisces. Now, you may know a Neptune lady who wears a gingham apron and a shy smile, and who is the epitome of the devoted wife, homemaker and tender mother. Forgive my directness, but you are wrong.

Love Signs by Linda Goodman

As for that Pisces lady you think is different, I know her, too, or one just like her. She has the open love and affection of two daughters-in-law, and an incongruous group made up of the librarian, the super, the owner of the comer delly, the fruit man, half a dozen stray cats and children, the butcher, the newsboy, and would you believe it, even the landlord. She may have one enemy. The man she turned down before she married her husband.


He probably joined the Foreign Legion in disappointment, and now I doubt if she even remembers his name. Heartless females, these Pisces women. Subtle and deceptive. Like the March winds, your Pisces girl will have many a mood. Then deep depression sets in.

The hardest lesson she has to learn is to overcome her timidity and her doubts. I know one who pours out her real soul by writing lovely song lyrics with a secret message woven in the shades of her soft, very private dreams. Yet, even this type of Pisces is unable to fight her Sun sign. With all her make-believe independence she waits on the curb and lets the man whistle for the cab.

They only mess up your life. A Pisces girl will give all of her heart to her children, except for the large chunk she saves for you. Only a Pisces movie star would pass up the little dimpled darlings and adopt a tiny, crippled tot with frightened eyes. Female fish are the greatest women in the world for understanding the shyness of small. A Piscean mother spins a thousand wispy, cobweb dreams over each bassinet. She may be too permissive. Administering discipline is difficult for her, and she must realize that a lack of firmness is often as bad as severe neglect.

In a way, it is neglect, of building the small characters in her care, who need firm guidance to leam to swim alone. Still many Neptune mothers manage a happy medium between discipline and kindness, and their offspring do them credit. A Pisces woman will gladly let you cam the bacon and cggplant.

Some, not all, but some Pisces women are a wee little bit extravagant. She listens to the ocean, and it tells her things. In the midst of the city, she still hears the waves of Neptune whispering to her Pisces heart more, perhaps, than she wants to know. She was tiny, with long, dark hair and those strange Neptune lights in her greenish brown eyes.

She married among several other men a big football star; it was a totally unexpected elopement. I remember when she asked him why he proposed. She was curious. We were in the park, near the pool. The chicks who were lying around getting a tan had wet, stringy hair from swimming, and they looked all hot and sweaty on the benches. You were sitting there under that tree in a white lace dress, and you looked so cool and different from the others.

You looked like-well, I guess you sorta looked like a girl. All girl. One hundred percent. Your Gemini woman will never take a train when she can fly. Her mind is full of so many thoughts and her heart is full of so many hopes, she may seem to need a computer to sort it all out.

Or does she just need someone who can run beside her and toss dreams with her-from here to tomorrow? Some deep, unexplained fear within her keeps her from ever looking back. When you finally match her speed, get her to slow down to your pace. You can do it, if you hold her hand tightly and never let it go.

Though Mercurial north winds drive her on, secretly she may long to rest awhile more than you know. Do hurry and try to reach her. She needs you. To begin with, Virgo females have this dogged belief that no one can do things as orderly and as efficiently as they can. Because Rams and Bulls each have tough horns, the determination of Aries and the stubbornness of Taurus might seem to be identical traits.

They are not, and numerous incidents will occur between the two of them to make the distinction clear. Get someone else. After a few encounters, the difference between the two traits will become evident. Determination initiates. Stubbornness reacts. The first is a Positive action.

The second is a Negative re-action. Therefore, in any clash between Aries and Taurus, the Ram starts it and the Bull finishes it. It is a science AND an intuitive art. But sadly, most of the world has forgotten that. In , Dr. Frank A. Brown, Jr. Science has always assumed that oysters open and close with the cycle of the tides of their birthplace.

But when Dr. Their new home was kept at an even temperature, and the room was illuminated with a steady, dim light. For two weeks, the displaced oysters opened and closed their shells with the same rhythm as the tides of Long Island Sound—one thousand miles away. Then they suddenly snapped shut, and remained that way for several hours. Just as Dr. Brown and his research team were about to consider the case of the homesick oysters closed, an odd thing happened. The shells opened wide once again. Exactly four hours after the high tide at Long Island Sound—at the precise moment when there would have been a high tide at Evanston, Illinois, if it were on the sea coast—a new cycle began.

They were adapting their rhythm to the new geographical latitude and longitude. By what force? By the Moon, of course. Human energy and emotional cycles are governed by the same kind of planetary forces, in a much more complicated network of magnetic impulses from all the planets. Since man himself consists of seventy percent water, why should he be immune to such forceful planetary pulls?

The tremendous effects of magnetic gravity on orbiting astronauts as they get closer to the planets is well-known. Did you ever talk to a policeman who had to work a rough beat on the night of the full Moon? The movements of the Moon and the planets are as important to him as the latest farm bill controversy in Congress. Scientists are aware that plants and animals are influenced by cycles at regular intervals, and that the cycles are governed through forces such as electricity in the air, fluctuations in barometric pressure and the gravitational field.

These earthly forces are originally triggered by magnetic vibrations from outer space, where the planets live, and from where they send forth their unseen waves. Phases of the Moon, showers of gamma rays, cosmic rays, X-rays, undulations of the pear-shaped electro-magnetic field and other influences from extraterrestrial sources are constantly penetrating and bombarding the atmosphere around us. No living organism escapes it, nor do the minerals.

Nor do we. Harold S. He further states that the human central nervous system is a superb receptor of electro-magnetic energies, the finest in nature. We may walk with a fancier step, but we hear the same drummer as the oysters. The ten million cells in our brains form a myriad of possible circuits through which electricity can channel. Therefore, the mineral and chemical content and the electrical cells of our bodies and brains respond to the magnetic influence of every sunspot, eclipse, and planetary movement. We are synchronized, like all other living organisms, metals and minerals, to the ceaseless ebb and flow of the universe; but we need not be imprisoned by it, because of our own free will.

The soul, in other words, is superior to the power of the planets. The purpose of the astrologer is to help us gain the knowledge of how to avoid drifting downstream—how to fight the current. If you believe in personality profiling such as the Myers-Briggs indicator, there is no reason you should view astrology as invalid. The zodiac simply paints an artistic picture of the same electro-magnetic vibrations that shape our brains at birth, and acknowledges the cosmic source of those vibrations.

Her clarity of vision will spot an elaborate lie by the. Her highly developed intellect and artistic taste com-. Virgo females who take an occasional whirl down the primrose path of promiscuity are clever enough to cover up the lapse, and such behavior is most certainly an exception. Consider her perfectionism a virtue, instead of a vice. With all the impulsiveness rampant in the world, what would we do without the sharp eye and mind of Virgo?

Your house will be clean and cozy, and the big bowl on the coffee table will hold apples instead of chocolate candies bad for the teeth and general health. Astrologers who speak of an old soul refer to a soul which has gone through many lives, retaining the wisdom of each. Often, they refer to Pisces, because a life as the fish is either the most difficult obligation a soul can choose—or a chance to reach perfect fulfillment.

While Aries represents birth in the zodiac, Pisces represents death and eternity. His surprising ability to organize and concentrate on detail which pops up now and then, as well as his gentleness, reflects his inner knowledge of the lessons of Virgo. His judgment is as fair and detached as that of Libra, and his love of pleasure is also pure Libran. Pisces people have the crazy sense of fun of Cancer, as well as both the Cancerian sympathy and crabbiness.

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There may also be a smattering of the Saturine [Capricorn] melancholy. Perhaps more than just a smattering. The fish can be as moody as a moon [Cancer] child and as happy as a Lion [Leo]. He likes to tease and analyze in Aquarian [Aquarius] fashion. His often overflowing with Aries idealism and enthusiasm, but usually without the Mars [Aries] drive. A Pisces person can zip around with Gemini quickness, talk just as fast and think just as cleverly. He can also be as lazy and peaceful as Taurus. Pisces holds within himself the fondness of debate of all the air signs, the love for nature of all the earth signs and the flaming aspirations of all the fire signs.

But he is neither fixed nor cardinal. The fish is mutable always; in this respect he is undiluted. The one and only quality which originates with his own sign is his strange power to stand outside himself and see yesterday, today and tomorrow as one. The Piscean love of music and art, and his highly developed senses and versatility he owes to other signs, but his deep wisdom and compassion belong only to him, culled from the combined knowledge of every human experience. He is stronger than he thinks and wiser than he knows, but Neptune guards this secret until he discovers it for himself.

Gemini is a walking, talking Question Mark, constantly curious and occasionally spurious. Scorpio is a firm Period, and the end of Knowing, the ultimate punctuation in the power of concentration. The soul must pass more than once through the First Six Initiations of Love as:. Scorpio holds the enviable reputation of being the most sexually magnetic, smoulderingly charismatic, and psychologically enigmatic of all the zodiac figures. Throughout history, Scorpio has been subjected to ongoing slanderous assault: Considered a dark, defensive sign with subterranean drives and a powerful reservoir of emotional energy, Scorpio has often been used as a significator for liars, backstabbers, traitors, thieves, lechers, and all sorts of dubious users and abusers!

In medieval times scorpions were emblems of evil, death, and the serving of self-interest, used as a token for Judas in Christian symbolism because of the deadly treachery implicit in their sting. No sign ever falls on the negative end of a moral trait; it is only bound to representing an archetypal theme and bringing both extremes of that theme into focus. With Scorpio the inference of deceit picks out the theme of falsity and truth ; and as we might expect, those with the acuity to be masters of deceit are also the best equipped to recognise it when they see it.

In their gift of realising deception, rejecting hollowness and seeing through shallow facades, Scorpios are not afraid to expose realty for what it is; they are the emissaries of a more complete sense of truth than many of us are prepared to contemplate, the penetrating aspects of it often being too painfully sharp for comfort. The paradox of Scorpio is that when it is fooling you, it is not really acknowledging you at all.

Real communication with this sign means engaging with honesty, no matter how candid, sordid or direct. Traditionally governed by Mars, Scorpios are genuinely capable of seeming destructive and intimidating, towards noble ends as well as self-centred interests , because where Mars dominates there is little interest in compromise; the impulse is for active attack or strategic defence, whatever it takes to avoid yielding one inch more than necessary.

Star Sign Personalities in Love

But the direct, active principle of Mars is sublimated in its nocturnal expression, and like all water signs Scorpios seldom instigate attacks, preferring to hold their power in reserve. This undercurrent of unexpressed energy is the basis of an almost tangible magnetism, a sense of power embedded in the aura that reveals itself expressly when their acute defensive instinct is stirred. Consider the role of scorpion gods in ancient symbolism and myth; invariably their function is to act as guardians, custodians and protectors; oblivious to external distraction but ferocious in the cruel retribution unleashed on those who break their sentinel.

When Scorpios do engage in conflict their method of operation is perfectly reflected by the terrestrial creature that defines their celestial motif - all scorpions are venomous and all are predators, but they never actively hunt or chase down their prey; instead they patiently sit and wait, months if necessary, proceeding to ambush only when their quarry is close enough to stand little chance of escape.

In business and battle Scorpios make inestimable adversaries, particularly when they take up positions where they can calculate, control and hold back a concerted effort until its execution will realise maximum impact. Consequently Scorpios excel at military leadership, board room politics and court room disputes; Second World War leaders Patton, Montgomery and Rommel were all Scorpios, locked together in a game of cool, calculated planning geared towards maximum damage for minimum effort.

No doubt the capacity to hold the nerve and strike without hesitation has served Scorpio Bill Gates equally well in the battle ground of the business world. The ability to penetrate superficial gloss is a trait that Scorpio shares with Virgo, a sign to which it is tied in sympathy, albeit often with the inequitable viewpoint of Scorpio being the perpetrator of worldly-wise experience, and Virgo, the victim of purity born from naivety.

Their affiliation is revealed in the similarities of their glyphs which represent the intestines and illustrate that both signs are highly sensitive to gut-reaction. Yet with Virgo the glyph is closed off and recedes into itself, symbolising barrenness, an urge to be self-contained, but revealing a need to receive and allow itself to be drawn out in order to gain completeness.

With Scorpio the glyph is outwardly extended, blatantly phallic, depicting an energy that is not so easily constrained; its impulse is to penetrate, invade, and when it does so its manner is unswerving and focussed. Both of these are feminine signs, so neither is comfortable with an easy, expressive discharge of internal energy; and since Scorpio is of the phlegmatic temperament it is even more driven towards internalisation. Like Virgo, Scorpio has an analytical gift: it probes the depths, breaks apart, identifies the dross and eliminates the wasteful or insincere.

Like all water signs, Scorpio finds a natural habitat in the world of feelings and instincts. Its emotional reservoir is incredibly strong since its fixed nature is resistant to easy movement, allowing the watery element to seep into rarely accessed depths that are not easily stirred, processed or purified. It is moved only by great effort and force, signifying torrents, flooded land and destructive mud-slides.

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Here destruction and creativity meet together, causing a tremendous alchemical reaction between attraction and repulsion, a transmutative force which deserves the highest respect since a negative or uncontrolled release is capable of destruction, just as a positive, controlled discharge is imbibed with the power to sweep away all boundaries of resistance. The Egyptians, who accorded great honour to scorpions and beetles, recognised the spiritual alliance between the creatures that dwelt beneath the earth and the magical, alchemical processes of life, death and regeneration.

Their word for this black, muddy earth was Kemit , adopted as khemia by the Greeks, and eventually forming the basis of the word alchemy which has dropped its spiritual dimension - but not its power to transmute and create - in the modern word chemistry. Whilst all the water signs are known for their fertile potential, it is with dark, still, muddy Scorpio that we encounter the truly powerful creative potential.

Similar analogies are revealed through the relationships between the signs of the zodiac and the parts of the body they rule. Excretion demonstrates the need to eliminate that which has served its purpose; thus in the bodily processes of procreation and elimination we see the metaphysical reflection of the Scorpionic dance through attraction, creation, destruction and regeneration. For Scorpios who lack conscious direction this can seem an exhaustive ongoing process, a life full of highs and lows, passion and pain, with the zenith and nadir of experience expanding with each successive turn.

There is no doubt that this full exposure to experience involves pain, suffering, hardship, distress and agonised emotions. Most Scorpios have encountered the harsher realities of the world at some level or another, and being fixed in disposition they retain their experiences - even the most in-depth, transpersonal counselling techniques can only help to bring acceptance and understanding, they do not erase the memories. In addition, never give them orders. Not only do they not take orders well, but most likely they won't even listen.

Known to be independent, the Aries will be a trustworthy, loyal and exciting partner. Taurus April 19 - May 19 If you're interested in a Taurian, don't sit around waiting for them to approach you. A Taurus is a patient person, which is something you will have to possess in any relationship with them.

Most likely, you will have to be the initiator. Once you're on a date with a Taurus, let them know that you enjoy their company. If you pick out the restaurant, make certain that the food and atmosphere are in good taste. And, if you're planning a dinner at home, try and plan ahead making sure everything is perfect; plenty of good food, good wine, flowers, candles on the table, and soft background music. If you show them that nothing is too good for them, you're well on you're way to building a lasting relationship.

With a strong will and a great sense of humor, a Taurian can have a calming effect on people. However, sudden changes in routine can cause friction with them. If you're looking for someone dependable, you've found them. If your looking for someone to constantly assure you of their love and devotion, you might want to keep looking. Taurus is a very sensual person and can awaken sleeping passion in someone they care about. Top Of Page. Gemini May 20 - June 20 Keep in mind that the Gemini is the sign of the twin..

There is a part of them that needs love and security, and then there's the stronger part of them that needs stimulation and novelty. To remain in a relationship with a Gemini you must be able to satisfy their emotional, mental and sexual needs. They love to laugh, travel, spend money, and are eager for new experiences.

Since they know a little about many things and almost everything interests them, you can make a great impression by discussing a topic in depth. The Gemini appreciates honesty and sincerity in a person, so make sure you speak your mind, even if you don't share the same point of view.

Additionally, don't always stick to one topic of interest, since variety is something they enjoy and find intriguing. These very social and energetic people tend to have a sharp tongue. They are quick to criticize and tend to use words as weapons, so if you're an emotional person that takes things to heart, you may want to avoid this relationship. When in love, they tend to be quite possessive and inclined to be jealous. Never give them reason to suspect that you're not faithful to them, they don't like to be deceived, and won't put up with it.

Once a Gemini has found someone that they can trust and that fills all their needs, they will be an exciting and devoted partner. Cancer June 21 - July 21 If a Cancer has an interest in you, they will drop subtle clues. Don't expect them to be forward, as they don't know how to be. Since they have a tendency to be old-fashion in beliefs, the perfect date would be tickets to the theater, a romantic restaurant, or a cultural event. As they tend to be romantic day dreamers, and reflect in the past, bring up some old stories so that they can relate some of theirs.

Show an interest to this sentimentalist when they bring out their collections or old pictures. They thrive on admiration and praise. Let them know how much you admire them. Compliments will get you everywhere. Ask their opinion, and be sure to be sincere about hearing their response. Keep in mind that a Cancerian hates rejection and is extremely cautious about making any commitment. They will try to avoid giving an answer, and whatever you do, don't try to rush them into one. Usually if the answer is no, they will go to all lengths to avoid the subject.

The Cancer has an excellent memory and a jealous nature. Because they can recall situations in their past very easily, it would be a tremendous mistake to ever be insincere to this person.. To them betrayal is devastating, and it will take a very long time for them to forgive, and to top it off, they may never forget. Once emotionally wounded, there will always be a void in the relationship. Emotional and financial security is of the utmost importance in this relationship.

They don't like frivolous spending, since it means a loss of control and security. If you can give an enormous amount of attention and constant reassurance, you have found the perfect mate. In return you will find Cancer to be affectionate, romantic, sympathetic, imaginative, and quite seductive.

Although they tend to want your complete devotion, if they are in love, they will cherish and protect their partner always. Leo July 22 - August 21 Leo's love compliments and praise. Give them plenty of it. Underneath the surface of this proud, take charge persona is a sensitive and vulnerable person that needs constant reassurance. It is an essential tool for them. Keep in mind, that flattery will get you everywhere.

As a result, the more you feed Leo's ego, the longer your relationship will last. On a date with a Leo, be sure not to skimp on anything, as they love the pleasures of life and feel that they are deserving of nice things. Leo's tend to be spendthrifts as nothing is too good for them. Feel free to discuss topics of intellectual interest. Leo's love to share their opinion, although be aware that they are prone to be boisterous about what they believe is right, and in most cases will not alter in opinion.

Leo's love to take charge and play the leading role. Sexually the Leo will go to all measures to please a partner. They want a relationship to be exciting and intense. However, as much as they need devotion, they deplore possessiveness and jealousy. A true Leo will remain faithful in a relationship, however they must have space and freedom to allow their outgoing nature to explore new adventures.

If you're looking for generous, creative person that usually has a sunny disposition about life, you've found them. Don't forget to take into account that the Leo has the symbol of the lion for a reason. This king of the jungle, can be quite domineering at times. Nonetheless, provided with the necessities that a Leo needs, you will find an affectionate, cheerful companion that will do almost anything for you.

Virgo August 22 - September 20 As a rule, Virgo is attracted to someone who possess good conversation skills.