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My whole life people have remarked. I was born November 11, a Tuesday My estimated date of conception was on or about 18 February a Tuesday My lucky day according to astrology? Care to take a guess?

Tiger Years

Born under the astrological sign, Scorpio. In Numerology 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious. It is a dreamer. Yes, I happen to be a person that sees all the time.

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So what is it about ? Maybe you believe in pre-encoded destiny? Maybe not. That the Mayans Long Count Calendar ends on the winter solstice in According to the US Navy the winter solstice will occur December 21 , pm.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

So what else is up with this phenomenon? If you multiply by you get , representing a pyramid, and number 11 is a sacred number of the pyramid. Do these people born on November 11 have characteristics that belong to this sign? Read all about them. These Scorpios usually express their opinions in a very seductive and convincing way — they are charming and those who are born on November 11 instinctively know how to achieve what they want and sometimes switch from aggressive to passive tactics to achieve their aims.

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They also know how to reduce their energy, sit down and wait for the right moment — as a true Scorpios; they generally know how to preserve their power, not to waste it. They do not like to hesitate, but when they have to wait, it is when people born on November 11 are forced to make important decisions — something that will significantly change their lives in one way or the other. These individuals have a prominent tendency to abandon dark thoughts, which can cause passivity and depression.

The contacts that have their dark side paradoxically produce their humor as well as their sense of fun. These people born on November 11 have the power to control their environment and are incredibly successful in affecting people and to the objects, materials or activities that matter to them — this tendency can become their biggest problem, and they have to accept that they cannot control everything, and they should not even try. It is true that they can influence their environment to a certain extent, but they cannot be Gods, also if they sometimes have that feeling, or this feeling tortures them.

But they are magnetic Scorpios who can be socially very fascinating — they attract others, but at the same time they are those who provoke fear. These Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays on November 11 are often physically extremely attractive and very well know how to use the power of their attractiveness — they can be, as expected from one Scorpio, very seductive and even fatal people.

Lucky Things for People Born in a Year of the Tiger

Both men and women born this day in the main have an immeasurable balance between the male and female polarity of their personality later in the article we will speak more of the reasons why is this the case, and has got to do with the influence of the Moon. Because of this, these people can have good friends of both sexes, but as lovers, they can be a little tricky and challenging for a long-term relationship.


Male and female representatives of this date must be aware in love — men must know that they cannot be aggressive and overly dominant, and ladies must stop be subordinate to others. Scorpios born on November 11 have a lot of skills, but cannot use that power enough, because these people can be lazy and uninterested in the work they need to make happen. And one more thing needs to be said — these people are lazy, except for those things that are of great interest to them — then you are very energetic. The problem is that they have just a few things that they love to do, but when they create a career in a certain area, they can add something more to do.

They can be too self-satisfied and lenient.

November 11 Birthdays

They have brilliant ideas, but do not make them a reality — this is one of their most significant problems, they are more dreamers than anything else. Also, those who belong to this day can be picked up by others, but this will never stop them to earn a lot of money. These persons need to learn to work, not just dreaming. The only way to succeed in something is to try it out.

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  • Then, they will become great at work. Moon and Pluto as the natural ruler of all Scorpio people are in charge for all persons born on November 11, and this is planetary symbolism. The influence of the Moon can be a problem in the individual initiative and bring frustration to these people. In combination with the Moon with Pluto and Mars, the Scorpio symbol gives these people the power and the power.