Capricornian man daily horoscope

As the moon and empathetic Neptune canoodle in your communication zone, no topic will feel too personal. If you have an issue with someone, deal with it directly and probably on another day. Looking for clarity?

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It will be hard to get a straight answer under these skies. Fair-weather friends are likely to be even less helpful than usual, thanks to a tense opposition between Venus in your social corner and disruptive Uranus in your dramatic fifth house. Stay calm and objective, and avoid the crazies. If you've been out six nights of seven every week yes, even if it WAS for work , take the night off from that whirlwind and check in with your family and closest friends.

They may be in need of a status update or the kind of moral support only you can give. They might also be fuming about your recent neglect. Similar goals and needs in love provide a healthy and solid foundation for the relationship. They will just naturally respect and admire one another. Plus, they're both sensual beings and understand each other's needs quite well. While a tad on the mundane side, just a little frolicking can make this coupling quite a success.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are quite cool emotionally and prefer fun sex to the heavy or overly romantic. As a matter-of-fact, sex was likely the initial attraction and could continue to be the life's blood of the relationship. Still, earthy Capricorn can be an important grounding force for eccentric Aquarius, and Capricorn's life will never be dull with an unconventional Aquarian.

The most difficult and unpredictable couplings for Capricorn are flirty and indecisive Libra, elusive Pisces, curious and distractible Gemini, and "it's always about me" Leo. Capricorn and Libra can expect a lot of dissension, debate, and a potential falling out when they get involved. Of course, there's always the possibility that Libra's friendly upbeat nature can loosen Capricorn up, and that Capricorn will inspire Libra to stop vacillating and take a stand. If this happens, these two might be able to work their relationship out.


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Frankly, Capricorn could find Pisces a bit slippery, and Pisces could feel emotionally neglected and move on. However, the differences between them do create a strong attraction and if they stay together long enough, it's possible they'd make a perfect blend of stability, trust, and emotional excitement. But, this will be a tricky relationship to make work. In most cases, Gemini and Capricorn won't even be attracted to one another. However, if by some strange chance there should be an attraction, any relationship formed between these two will be a challenging, awkward, and complicated affair, to say the least.

It's hard to resist the charm of an enthusiastic Leo , but Leo might be a bit extravagant and ostentatious for a pragmatic Capricorn. Of course, playful Leo can show Capricorn a good time, and Capricorn could prove the value of hard work to Leo. Certainly, both Capricorn and Leo are ambitious and will admire one another, but a relationship of any kind between these two would require a lot of adjustments that could be frustrating to both.

Certainly, there are unlikely couples who are absolutely devoted to one another, and sometimes a perfect match turns out less than perfect in the end. So don't forget Sun sign compatibility is just a general guide. Relationship astrology requires much more than a comparison of Sun signs. I am mentality financially sexually spiritually suffering. I should have extra income or I should have work with good in come do you think I was living like this????

May you did taste luxury life. But I taste it before and It was nice. Who is my mate??? Tell mate that i donot know them please enough. I am suffering like king and I am get low service as maid.

I was not living like this?? You killed my passion to keep me lonely even you donot want I get marry with right guy. You gave me sickness loosing my father lost my money no education no facilities keeping with low income and keeping silent. Regard P. And who will help I get marry with nice guy??? Which group or friend?????!!!! I suffer and my partner keeping me alone without any improvement in my life and I was suffering and my credit was going to their pocket. No way.

I am angry from inside and is bothering me me me me me me. R u crazy??? I am dieing from pain and stress and you are telling enjoy. I can not take any more. Enough I donot want to talk with any person. I want to scream I want to cry but I control my self bc my dearest is sick. Which deal?? Or that smelly yellow tooth color???

Listen I am angry. Leave me alone with your deal please please. Fuck off bc they make me sick and every day I should pay pay for my sickness. What I get?? Low income and sickness. Really fuck off from my life before did I live like this??? I am dieing from they keep far from my request from my ideas my real dream. This is not life. Dear astrologer until now I did meet key people. Well where my love my eyes my sweetest person???

R u stupid??

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Which love??? My love is far away from me you put distance between us. U mean ask oracle website has put distance? Tch tch sad! U can use plane to fly across the globe. Teach them a lesson. Go get ur love. You think is this my choice? Before how I was living.

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  8. And now how? No money no life. You trow me from up to down thank you. I donot want here any more. What did you give me? Suffering mentality and financially! Dear oracle I think your astrologer is crazy and playing with our life. How we can live in this situation. You are telling adore your love but my love are far way from me and keep us far and now you keep me with minimum.

    Facilities here. Pashmak, the Astrologer of this site is not controlling your life or any events in your life. Please seek and get the help you need. Dear oracle Thanks for your daily advise but not any more is matching with my situation. I feel discussing.

    Capricorn Horoscope 12222: A Year Of Openings And Opportunities

    We was suppose to see a movie on black friday but he decided buying a phone was more important than seeing me. Is he special?? I already have my boyfren from the last couple of years n there were many ups n dwns in our relationship n I was not finding ne excitement or that feeling actually was just feeling something is missing between us. While breaking up he told me that he really luves me but he cant b with me n if there is ne next life I want u completely as mine. I dont know wat he wanted to say just I want to knw that is there ne possibility that he will come back in my life please help me out I m really in dipression.

    My boyfriend and i just broke up. Theres no reason why he wnt speak to me or answer my msgs. This is second time in 3 months.

    Capricorn Horoscope And Traits

    We r apart 4 weeks now with no contact. I love him very much but he is so up and down. He is an sries star sign. Im just confused and wud like to no why he promised me the earth thrn left with out a reason. The day he lrft he told me he loved me in the morning by night time he walked out. Merry Christmas Oracle!